Sponsorship is the most important role in the Walk to Emmaus. Without sponsors, there would be no Walk.

Sponsor Checklist

What is a sponsor:

A sponsor must have attended a Walk to Emmaus


A sponsor must be able to articulate their walk experiences


A sponsor must be able to explain the particulars of a Walk


(Please see the Sponsor's Guide to the Application)


A sponsor must reduce outside distractions for the Pilgrim


A sponsor must pray for and edify their Pilgrim


The word Sponsor means: “takes responsibility for Pilgrims"

Sponsor Responsibilities:

Pray for your pilgrim’s openness to God’s call to discipleship

Meet with the pilgrim and discuss the parameters of the walk


Share sponsors walk experiences


Complete the required paper work


Ask spouses permission and offer them support


Get the pilgrim in a reunion group and to the community meetings


Encourage the spouse to attend the next walk if the pilgrim agrees

Aim Of Sponsor:

Is to sponsor those who are church leaders or potential leaders, members who are the backbone of the church, members who may be less active but need "rekindling,"


"Pilgrims should be actively participating in a local congregation"


The pilgrim is not to be asked on a Walk to fix a problem in the pilgrim’s life.


To not live vicariously through the pilgrim to relive the sponsor's  walk experiences.


It is to bring spiritual revitalization to pilgrims


The revitalization of the pilgrim will hopefully bring new life and vision to;

CHURCH             HOME                  WORKPLACE                   COMMUNITY


The aim of the sponsor is to build up the Body of Christ