Team Selection

The Team Selection committee meets after each walk to select the team for the next walk.

It is recommended that individuals only work one walk per year so that others can have the opportunity to serve.


For additional information, please contact our Team Selection Chair.



Are you interested in working a Walk? Team selection starts four to five months prior to the walk date. The Conference Room Team is selected first, primarily by the Walk Lay Director, from a list of qualified candidates.


To be eligible you must:

  • Be active in a local church

  • Be active in Texoma Emmaus Community activities

  • Participate in a Reunion Group

Behind The Scenes:

Behind-the-Scenes opportunities include,


  • 4th Day (Setup, Tear Down),

  • Worship

  • Agape.


These positions are recruited by the Team Selection Committee made up of members from the Board and the Community.

Next Steps:

To be considered for either Conference Room or Behind-the-Scenes, you must do the following:


   1. Commit to attend all Pre-Walk Team Meetings – (four) Conf. Room

        Team, and (two) Christ's Hands in Action (CHA's).


   2. Be present for the entire three-day weekend.


   3. Pay the same fee as the pilgrims (currently $225.00)